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Why Home Maintenance?

Keeping your home maintained, via a maintenance plan, is:

  • Healthy for you
  • Saves you money
  • Decreases your energy bill
  • Keeps you and your family safe
  • Makes you feel secure and satisfied
  • No time spent chasing an unknown tradesperson for your maintenance needs
  • We learn about your home’s maintenance needs, so we don’t waste time or effort
  • You will gain service from a licensed, Insured and trusted tradesperson
  • Maintains or improves the house value
  • Largely reduces the “nasty surprises”
  • Reduces damage caused by failing household fittings
  • Gives a predictable monthly cost
  • Generally, less then lawn service

Think of all those little things (Honey Do list) that need to be addressed in your house, for example:

  • A leaking toilet value can cost you $70 per month in extra water usage
  • A leaking faucet will increase water usage, costing up to $15 per month, damage the property (leading to thousands in repairs costs) and is a health hazard (mold and slipping hazards)
  • Failing caulk in showers, bath, sinks all lead to property damage and health hazards
  • An old AC filter can cost $15 per month in extra electricity costs, poor cooling / heating and is a health hazard, small leaks in the duct pipe can lose 30% of the airflow
  • Failing window caulk costs money for cooling / heating, lets in bugs, lets in water and damages wall
  • Poor wiring, switches and failing GFI are health hazards and surprisingly common
  • Settlement in hot water tanks, decreases the life of the tank and leads to blocked or leaking water pipes.
  • Most of us, we don’t have the time and skills required to address all these issues. In addition, climbing ladders and inspecting these common household items can be dangerous. Most people only call for help when there is a specific problem. Imagine having a trusted go to person, you can rely on, to address these issues. That person is looking after your home, often catching issues before you even know about them.